About Us

Our Farm is located in south Italy, Reggio di Calabria area, the only place in the world where Bergamot fruits are marked by the European Union as protected designation of origin (PDO).

Starting with production of large variety of citrus (lemon, mandarin, orange, bergamot and also olive)during last twenty years we turn our cultivation mostly to Beragmot plants, improving specialization, efficiency and quality of the product.

We supply the transformation industry for the essential oil extraction , that’s  way we collect it by hand to preserve as much as possible the essential oil quantity and quality.

We supply major large-scale retail channel, and for this we need to guarantee not only the best quality but also the best looks.

We supply restaurants and bars , and none of them wants to show damage fruits on its desk.

For all this reason our bergamot fruits are collected following the best practice to guarantee the highest level of integrity, to provide always the best quality to our customers.

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